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8 must-have wines and drinks for summer

Summer is the season for cocktails, picnics and ready-to-drink cocktails. Because we love their convenient format, where you just need to open a can to enjoy a delicious cocktail or mocktail, we’re back with 8 wines and refreshing drinks perfect for summer.

Among our selection, you’ll find ready-to-drink cocktails made from gin and absinthe but also sparkling waters, lemonades and flavored wine, a new product from Quebec.

1. Vin de melon – Vignoble Val Caudalies

Vin de melon - Vignoble Caudalies

It’s hard to beat the originality of this white wine made with melon from the Val Caudalies vineyard. It is the fruit of a collaboration with neighboring farm Pop Melon. This wine is made from unsold melons peeled and crushed, then macerated with a Frontenac Blanc white wine. The result? A very refreshing, slightly sparkling wine with 6% alcohol and pronounced watermelon flavors. Simply excellent. Available at the winery and in selected grocery stores.

2. La Bête Verte Absinthe et Lime – Absintherie des Cantons

The Green Beast -
Photo: Courtesy

Here’s an unusual ready-to-drink absinthe, made with Joual Vert absinthe from the Absintherie des Cantons microdistillery. While the aniseed notes of asbinthe are most noticeable on the nose, on the palate the lemonade is deliciously tart and slightly sweet, with a wonderful blend of anise and lime notes. Really delicious, refreshing and low in alcohol. Available at the SAQ.

3. 1642 & Km12 Gin Tonic

gin and tonic
Photo: SAQ

What do you get when one of the best tonics in Quebec and one of the best gins join forces to create a ready-to-drink? Something very successful! Finally, a gin and tonic in a can that tastes like a real gin and tonic, although for our personal preference, we’d have liked the gin to be a little more present. Available at the SAQ.

Offley Portonik

In summer, port and tonic should take pride of place alongside sangrias and tinto verano. This ready-to-drink product, which arrived in Quebec last autumn, strikes a fine balance between the sweetness of white port and the herbaceous flavors of tonic. Quite light in alcohol, it’s the perfect ready-to-drink cocktail for brunch, lunch or an aperitif. Add a wedge of lemon, a sprig of mint, a few ice cubes and you’re ready to go! Available at the SAQ.

5. Blue Raspberry Lemonade – Distillerie 3 Lacs

Blue lemonade - 3 lacs distillery

Distillerie 3 Lacs has taken a daring gamble by drawing inspiration from one of the flavors of our childhood and playing the nostalgia card with this blue raspberry lemonade. Fans of blue slush will be won over, with tangy raspberry flavors and a drink that’s just sweet enough. Available at the SAQ.

6. Just for You Chardonnay

Just for You

Just for You stands out for its practical, lightweight format! Each bottle, made of recyclable plastic, yields around 2 glasses of wine. This simple Chardonnay, with its fruity notes of apple and lemon, will pair well with salads and sandwiches at picnics. Available at the SAQ.

7. Oflore Lemonade

Lemonades OFlore

Oflore is an alcohol-free lemonade with fine, elegant bubbles. Thanks to the addition of yeast, this effervescence is obtained naturally, and fermentation adds complexity to the fruity flavors. I love the hibiscus and lemon lemonades. 6 flavors are available: lemon, verbena, hibiscus, lavender, rose and elderberry. Where to buy

8. Perrier

Mojito Perrier

A few weeks ago, Perrier launched MAISON PERRIER, a range of sparkling drinks. While the Infiniment range offers flavored sparkling waters (lychee, pineapple, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, ginger and lime, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and peach), the chic range offers mocktails.

We fell in love with the Mojito, a blend of citrus fruits and notes of mint and honey. The peach spritzer is also excellent. A great alternative to alcoholic beverages this summer.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.