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Editorial policy

Urbaine City’s editorial policy is based on offering our readers an enriching, reliable and diversified experience. Our web magazine is committed to exploring the world of food, wine and travel with rigor, passion and objectivity. Our articles are the fruit of teamwork, combining expertise, in-depth research and personal experience.

We believe in providing a balanced and impartial perspective, emphasizing the quality and relevance of the subjects we cover, while remaining true to our values and identity. This editorial policy aims to define the principles that guide our content, to offer you credible information, and to maintain transparency in our relations with our readers and partners.

Samples and products sent / Invitations to events

We’re always happy to receive products to test or invitations to events. Unless otherwise agreed prior to product shipment or our presence at an event, we reserve the right :

  • to keep the products or invitations even if they do not correspond to the editorial line of the blog or are not the subject of an article;
  • not to talk about products or invitations received on the blog;
  • choose the angle and treatment of articles about these products or invitations;
  • choose the date of publication of articles, according to the editorial calendar already established.

We also accept monetary compensation for writing certain articles or promoting certain products or services.

In the case of this type of collaboration, publication dates and article angles may have been agreed with the customer. However, we only accept this type of collaboration for products or companies that correspond to the site’s mission and are of interest to blog readers.

When remuneration is involved, articles are identified as sponsored by a mention at the beginning or end of an article, even if they are written in the same style as other posts.

The hashtags #sponsored or #ad are used for paid posts on social media. In the case of Facebook, paid publications are also identified as such with the “Branded content” function.

Editorial line

Article content

As a general rule, positive content is always favored on the blog, which does not exclude constructive criticism. This means that a product or invitation may not be the subject of an article, even if it corresponds to the blog’s editorial line.

What’s more, Urbaine City only features products and restaurants we’ve tried, events we’ve attended or destinations we’ve visited.


Comments left after a blog post may be removed without notice if they contain irrelevant promotional links or language that we deem hateful, sexist or racist.

Content accuracy

The content is written to the best of our knowledge and experience. While we make every effort to validate information, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Also, all content and images on this site are not free of rights and are our property. These contents may not be reproduced or copied without our prior written consent.

To find out more about partnerships and the types of collaboration possible, visit the Working together page.

If you have a project, products you’d like us to discover, invitations to events or competitions to offer our readers, write to us at.

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