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Editorial policy

Urbaine City is a web magazine whose mission is to share the pleasure of eating well and discovering the flavors of the world.

The articles are based on my tastes, my favorites as well as my good addresses.

The content of the site therefore reflects my personal opinions and tastes.

Samples and products sent / Invitations to events

I am always happy to receive products to test or invitations to attend events.

Unless otherwise agreed before sending the product or attending an event, I reserve the right:

  • to keep products or invitations even if they do not correspond to the editorial line of the blog or are not the subject of an article;
  • not to talk about products or invitations received on the blog;
  • to choose the angle and treatment of articles about these products or invitations;
  • to choose the publication date of the articles, according to the editorial calendar already established.

Sponsored articles

I also accept monetary compensation for writing certain articles or promoting certain products or services.

In the case of this type of collaboration, the publication dates as well as the angle of the articles may have been established with the client.

However, I only accept this type of collaboration for products, or with companies, that correspond to the site’s mission and that are of interest to the blog readers.

When paid, articles are identified as sponsored by a mention at the beginning or the end of an article, even if they are written in the same style as the other posts.

#sponsored or #advertising are hashtags used for paid social media posts. In the case of Facebook, paid posts are also identified as such with the “Branded Content” feature.

Editorial slant

Content of articles

In general, positive content is always preferred on the blog, which does not exclude constructive criticism.

Therefore, a product or an invitation may not be the subject of an article even if it corresponds to the editorial line of the blog.

In addition, Urbaine City only talks about the products and restaurants I have tested, events I have attended or destinations I have been to.


Comments left following a blog post may be removed without notice if they contain irrelevant promotional links or what I consider hateful, sexist or racist words.

Accuracy of content

The contents are written to the best of my knowledge and following my own experiences.

While I always try to validate information, I cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Also, all the contents and images on this site are not free of rights and are my property. No reproduction or copy of these contents may be made without my prior written consent.

To learn more about partnerships and possible types of collaborations, see the Work with Urbaine City page.

If you have a project, products that you would like me to discover, invitations to events or contests for my readers, contact me.

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