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Welcome to Urbaine City!

Do you like to eat well, cook, discover new wines and travel? You are at the right place!

My name is Marie-Noel and I am the founder of Urbaine City, a web magazine dedicated to the best things in life!

Marie-Noel, editor of Urbaine City
Photo: Katya Konioukhova

About Urbaine City

Founded in 2014, Urbaine City was named the 3rd best Canadian blog in the food and dining categories at the MIB Awards in its first year.


We share with you our best recipes, grocery store finds, gourmet tips and favorite destinations.

The content of Urbaine City is structured around 4 main sections:

Recipes: the recipes published on the website, grouped by type of dish, by theme or by ingredient.

Wines and spirits: all our advice for making the best food and wine pairings, our guides on different grape varieties and news in the world of wine, spirits and beer.

Gourmet discoveries: our reports on the best food products, services or gourmet shops that we’ve tried, the latest cookbooks, restaurants visited and feedback on the events we attend;

Destinations: all our travel guides, good addresses, advice on how to appreciate the destinations we have loved.

About the site’s author, Marie-Noel Ouimet

Photo: Katya Konioukhova

Food and travel have always been a big part of my life.

I am a French Canadian based in Montreal but I never say no to traveling!

I had the chance to visit many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and of course North and South America.

After several years working in digital communications, I decided to make these passions my full-time job.

A foodie and a compulsive market visitor, I spend a good deal of my time in the kitchen replicating all the new dishes and flavors discovered elsewhere (sometimes with a lot of trial and error, I have to admit).

This is also why I constantly seek to improve myself, from a workshop to a culinary course, to a wine tasting.

My goal is to continue to learn and improve myself so that I can share with you the pleasure of cooking and discovering fabulous destinations here in Quebec and elsewhere.

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Facebook : @urbainecity
Twitter: @urbainecity
Instagram : @urbaine_city

Collaborations and partnerships

If you are a communications agency, a company or a wine, food or tourism representative and you would like to work with Urbaine City, I invite you to visit my Work with Urbaine City page and to contact me.

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