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Color Trilogy: A Selection of White, Rosé, and Red Wines for the Summer

Summer has finally arrived with its sunny days, mild evenings, and moments of outdoor conviviality.

To accompany these precious moments, nothing beats a selection of carefully chosen wines for your meals and aperitifs.

Wine suggestions
Photo: Engin Akyurt / Pexels

In this color trilogy, we present a refreshing white wine, an elegant rosé, and a fruity red, perfect for all occasions of the beautiful season, whether you are organizing a barbecue, a picnic, or a dinner with friends.

Domaine Tariquet Côtes de Gascogne Sauvignon Blanc

Domaine Tariquet - Sauvignon

Domaine Tariquet crafts its wines with the aim of preserving the freshness and aromatic potential of the grapes, and this Sauvignon is a beautiful example.

The nose opens with notes of elderflower, which are also found on the palate, accompanied by aromas of grapefruit. The fruit’s freshness is maintained with a lovely minerality in the finish.

If you are used to buying this wine, you will notice a new label for this vintage, adorned with a Sauvignon leaf.

Serving suggestions: oysters, scallop tartare, or seafood salad.

(SAQ – Product code: 484139 – $15.80)

Conde Valdemar Rioja 2023


With a beautiful pink color, this is a seductive wine with floral notes, flavors of red fruits, and a slight spicy touch of pink pepper in the finish.

With good acidity, this is a refreshing rosé with enough structure to accompany fish dishes, grilled scallops, or sushi.

(SAQ – Product code: 12217821 – $15.25)

Pittacum Mencia-Bierzo 2019

Mencía, an emerging grape variety, is also present in Portugal under the name Jaén in the Dao region. This wine from the Bierzo appellation, with its fresh profile, offers beautiful notes of fresh fruits and marked acidity.

It delights with aromas of plums, flowers, raspberries, and cherries. In the finish, you can detect a touch of spices, chocolate, and caramel, thanks to an 8-month barrel aging.

Generous on the palate, it pairs perfectly with grilled pork chops, charcuterie, and cheese platters, or can be enjoyed as is on the terrace.

(SAQ – Product code: 10860881 – $23.55)


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.