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5 low ABV cocktails and 5 non-alcoholic drinks to discover

At a time when “less is more” is becoming the new norm in terms of alcohol consumption, low-alcohol cocktails and mocktails are becoming increasingly popular.

And whatever your reasons for cutting back, they’re all good.

Discover 10 trendy drinks with our selection of 5 delicious low ABV cocktails and 5 alcohol-free alternatives, perfect for enjoying a drink without moderation.

Low-alcohol cocktails (low ABV)

Low-alcohol cocktails, also known as “low ABV”, are enjoying a surge in popularity as they meet the growing demand for lower-alcohol beverage options.

ABV stands for Alcohol By Volume and is a measure of the percentage of alcohol contained in a drink.

But as you may have guessed, low alcohol doesn’t mean tasteless!

Americano: Made with campari, vermouth and soda, the Americano is a lighter variation on its big brother, the negroni, which also contains gin.

Soda vermouth: A good red vermouth, sparkling water and a few ice cubes and you’ve got a refreshing glass of sparkling red vermouth. And for a simple yet elegant aperitif, red vermouth is perfect on its own over ice.

Disaronno Fizz: By definition, fizzes are generally low-alcohol cocktails. This recipe is a delicious combination of amaretto, sparkling water and a dash of lemon juice.

Torino Fizz: Another excellent cocktail with vermouth is the Torino Fizz with prosecco. For a lighter version, use low-alcohol sparkling wine.

Bellini Bottega: Peach juice and prosecco are the only ingredients needed for a simplified version of Bellini, usually made with mashed peaches. Here too, don’t hesitate to swap prosecco for a low-alcohol sparkling wine.

Beers and soft drinks

Harrington non-alcoholic tonic cocktails

Harrington non-alcoholic tonic cocktails: We already loved Harrington sparkling waters, and now this Quebec company is offering us non-alcoholic tonic cocktails. With a hint of bitterness, no added sugar, sweetener, preservatives or artificial flavours, three flavours are available at over 400 outlets in Quebec:

  • cucumber, wintergreen and gentian
  • sea buckthorn, juniper berries and gentian.
  • and the great favorite, apples, sweet clover and gentian.
Bottega O, Asahi Super Dry 0, Barr Fly Pina Colada and Jardin Verde 0

Bottega O sparkling wine: This sparkling wine has a sweeter mouthfeel than the usual sparkling wines and proseccos, as evidenced by its 120g/l residual sugar. Yet, this does not prevent us from perceiving fine bubbles and nice fruity notes in the glass. Perfect with fruit desserts or to replace sparkling wine in cocktails, spritzes and mimosas. Available at the SAQ.

Asahi Super Dry 0.0%: We were already big fans of the fresh, thirst-quenching Asahi Super Dry, and the alcohol-free version follows in the same vein. Available in selected grocery and convenience stores.

Barr Fly Pina Colada: Non-alcoholic ready-to-drinks aren’t always successful, but we really liked Barr Fly’s Pina Colada, which perfectly reproduces the cocktail’s coconut and pineapple flavors. Without undoing the goal of drinking less alcohol, you could also add a little rum in order to make a quick alcoholic pina colada cocktail. Available in grocery and convenience stores.

Jardin Verde Gin Tonic Zero: This mocktail is all about freshness, with strong flavors of cucumber and basil. A great non-alcoholic alternative to gin and tonic. Available at the SAQ.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.