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The best advent calendars for foodies – 2023

That’s right, as soon as Halloween is over, it’s time for Christmas decorations, Christmas markets, gift guides and advent calendars!

Since advent calendars start on December 1st, you might as well get the one you want in advance, because they are sometimes in limited editions.

And if you buy them online, you also avoid the stress of not having them in time.

14 advent calendars for foodies - 2023

There is an advent calendars for absolutely every taste and age group available online.

You can find advent calendars with chocolate, of course, but also with alcohol, jams, coffee or tea, candies and even cheese.

Here are our favorite 2023 advent calendars for foodies and gourmets, to keep you going until Christmas.

Advent calendars for candy lovers

1. Advent calendar | La Boîte à bonbons

Candy Box Calendar
Photo: La Boîte à Bonbons

Available only online, this advent calendar will allow you to enjoy between 3 and 6 candies each day of December! In addition to being delicious, it is a Quebec product (and gluten-free). Get the Advent calendar from La Boite à Bonbons.

Advent calendars for tea lovers

2. 24-day tea calendar | David’s Tea

DavidsTea Advent calendar - 24 days of tea

The DavidsTea advent calendar has become a holiday staple over the years. They also have a 24 tea journeys* advent calendar. Calendars usually sell out quickly, so don’t wait too long. Buy the Davids Tea advent calendar.

3. Advent calendar of teas and infusions 2023 | T-Surprise

Advent calendar 2023 - T-Surprise
Photo: T-Surprise

For tea lovers, this advent calendar is another great option: 24 days of teas and infusions selected by T-Surprise. On the menu, Christmas teas and gourmet infusions. Again, quantities are limited.

Advent calendars for chocolate lovers

4. Nestlé After Eight chocolate Advent calendar

Advent calendar Nestlé
Photo: Nestlé / Amazon

23 dark chocolates with mint melts and 1 chocolate Santa Claus, who can say better?

5. Advent calendar | Lecavalier Petrone

Photo: Lecavalier Petrone

Now that’s exciting! As announced on its Instagram account, Lecavalier Petrone will make its advent calendars available for pre-sale on its online store on November 3 at 10am. Last year’s was absolutely delicious, it is definitely a must for this year again!

Do I need to tell you that quantities are limited and that it may disappear quickly? Visit the Lecavalier Petrone website to order your calendar.

6. Advent calendar | Ferrero Rocher

Advent Calendar Ferrero 2023

Can you believe that there is a Ferrero Rocher calendar? The calendar is composed of a collection of three Ferrero confections: Rondnoir, Rocher and Raffaello. One bite of happiness a day until Christmas. Buy the Ferrero Rocher advent calendar

7. Advent calendar of chocolates | Godiva

Advent calendar Godiva
Photo: LaBaie

I love Godiva chocolates and I have to say that this calendar with 24 chocolates * is really something! It includes a Santa Claus, a festive snowman and a winter penguin as well as milk and dark chocolates and Godiva classics such as caramel, raspberry and mint. Get the Godiva advent calendar

8. Advent calendar | Chocolats Favoris

Chocolats Favoris - Advent calendar
Photo: Chocolats Favoris

We love the fondues and chocolates from Chocolats Favoris! Even more so when they come in an advent calendar with such tempting flavors as butterscotch and pecan pie, lemon amaretto or hibiscus!

They also have another advent calendar “to share” for the whole family with 4 chocolates per day. See the Advent calendars on the Chocolats Favoris website.

Advent calendars for spirits and beer lovers

9. Advent calendar Tite Frette

Advent calendar Tite Frette
Photo: Tite Frette

The Tite Frette advent calendar will delight beer lovers. 100% Quebec, this calendar presents 24 exclusive beers from 24 different Quebec microbreweries. Available in Tite Frette stores.

Advent calendars for coffee enthusiasts

10. Coffee advent calendar | Brûlerie du Quai

Advent calendar Brûlerie du Quai
Photo: Brûlerie du Quai

This calendar will feature 24 coffee beans from the Brûlerie de Carleton in Gaspésie. But you have to be quick again because this calendar is offered in limited edition. There’s also a surprise in store for the final look of the calendar. A chocolate advent calendar is also available for pre-sale on the Brûlerie website. Get the calendar from the Brûlerie du Quai.

Other foodie advent calendars

11. Bonne Maman Advent calendar

Bonne Maman advent calendar
Photo : Bonne Maman

The Bonne Maman calendar is the star of the gourmet advent calendars. Although it’s a victim of its own success and you have to be quick to get your hands on one, it’s nevertheless a real pleasure to discover a new flavor of Bonne Maman jam every December morning. Buy the Bonne Maman advent calendar.

12. Customizable advent calendar | Indigo

Indigo Advent calendar
Photo: Indigo

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this list, or feel like combining several treats, why not put together your own advent calendar? This hand-painted wooden house with numbered doors will allow you to slip in gifts, notes or sweets.

Tea, candies, chocolates, small notes, toys or pencils…. your imagination is the only limit. And another advantage is that this type of calendar can be reused year after year!

13. Advent calendar – Fromages d’Ici

Cheese advent calendar

We close with an advent calendar featuring our delicious Quebec cheeses. IGA merchants, in collaboration with CDA cheeses, offer a calendar featuring 12 artisan cheeses from 8 Quebec cheesemakers.

This is a great initiative to promote our delicious cheeses and make great discoveries. On sale in IGAs from November 7, in limited quantities.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.