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Chocolate Mini Cadbury Egg Bites with almonds

The return of mini Cadbury eggs on grocery store shelves is always synonymous with spring and Easter season.

It’s no wonder, with their pretty pastel colors, that they are found in so many dessert recipes! They are the perfect Easter candy.

And if you’re looking for an easy Easter dessert or snack to satisfy your chocolate cravings, you’ll love this  Mini Cadbury Eggs and Almonds chocolate bites recipe

Not only are these bites easy to make, but they’re a surefire way to please adults and kids alike. 

Chocolate Mini Egg Bites with almonds

Whether you’re looking for a dessert to serve at your next get-together, to celebrate Easter or to simply treat your loved ones to something sweet and filling, this recipe is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The combination of chocolate, crunchy almonds that bring a nutty flavor, and colorful mini Cadbury eggs creates a flavor explosion that is simply irresistible. 

How to make the chocolate bites

Choosing the right mini Cadbury eggs

Pack of micro mini cadbury eggs

In this recipe, I use Cadbury micro mini eggs. If you are using the classic mini eggs, you will need to chop them coarsely before adding them to the melted chocolate mixture.

Which kind of chocolate to choose to make this recipe?

Ingredients used to make the chocolate bites
Ingredients used to make the chocolate bites: good quality chocolate, almonds, micro mini Cadbury Eggs

To ensure that the chocolate melts well, choose a quality baking chocolate, made with cocoa butter. They are available as chocolate bars, pastilles or chips, and can be found in grocery stores, chocolate shops, or even online at Amazon*.

To make this dessert an even bigger sweet treat, I opted for creamy milk chocolate, but you could also choose dark chocolate with 50% or 70% cocoa or even a mix of dark and white chocolate chips.

How to melt the chocolate?

You can use the classic method to melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or opt for the microwave oven.

If you choose to melt the chocolate in the microwave, you must be careful not to overheat the chocolate so that it doesn’t burn.

The best way to do this is to put the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe dish and heat them in 30-second increments (twice), then in a 20-second increment, and finally in 10-second increments until you have liquid chocolate, stirring the chocolate between each increment.

Which mould to use ?

Silicone molds are perfect for this type of recipe since the chocolate comes out easily.

Use shallow pans to ensure bite-sized pieces that are easy to bite into.

The amounts given in this recipe are suitable for a pan with 6 cavities of 4″ x 0.75″ cavities like this one sold on Amazon*.

Silicone mould sold on Amazon
Photo: FineGood / Amazon

If you don’t have a mold, you can simply make balls or small pieces of chocolate. 

Step-by-step instructions

Chocolate Mini Egg Bites with almonds

This recipe requires few preparation steps.

Once the chocolate is melted, mix the mini eggs and the almonds before pouring the chocolate mix into the silicone molds.

For a nicer finishing touch, do not fill the mold cavities. Instead, leave a small space which will enable you to add a fine layer of chocolate later.

Once the chocolate with the eggs and almonds is poured, gently tap the mold against the counter to eliminate air bubbles and refrigerate for about ten minutes.

Spoon the melted chocolate over the top of each mold cavity to fill them.

If you wish, you can decorate the bites with mini Cadbury eggs, sugar candies, coconut flakes or jelly beans. You could even write a nice message on the chocolate pieces with icing.

Place the mold back in the refrigerator, for about 90 minutes, and chill until the chocolate is completely firm.

Pop the chocolate mini egg bites out of the silicone mold and serve.

You can keep the mini eggs chocolate bites at room temperature in an airtight container.

This chocolate candy is a perfect addition to easter baskets or as a sweet treat in lunch boxes.

Good to know: if you use a silicone mold without a metal frame to solidify it, place the mold on a cutting board. It will be much easier to tap it to get the air bubbles out of the chocolate and transport it to the refrigerator.

Chocolate Bites
Bouchées de chocolat aux mini oeufs Cadbury et amandes
Yield: 6 bites

Chocolate Mini Egg Bites with almond

Temps de préparation: 20 minutes
Temps supplémentaire: 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 50 minutes

Tasty chocolate bites with almonds and mini Cadbury eggs that will delight kids and adults alike!


  • 1 ½ cups milk chocolate
  • ½ cup chopped almond
  • ¾ cup Cadbury micro mini eggs


  • ½ cup milk chocolate
  • Decorations: almonds, mini eggs, sugar candy, etc.


  1. In a microwave-safe dish, melt chocolate in 30-second (2 times), 20-second (1 time) and 10-second increments, stirring between each step until chocolate is melted and smooth.
  2. Add almonds and mini eggs to melted chocolate and mix well. Pour into the silicone mold, filling the cavities ¾ full.
  3. Tap the mold gently on the counter to remove as many air bubbles as possible.
  4. Place the mold in the refrigerator and let cool for about 10 minutes. *
  5. Melt the remaining chocolate in the microwave using the same interval method as before.
  6. Remove the chocolate mold from the refrigerator and pour the melted chocolate into the cavities to even out the bites.
  7. If desired, decorate chocolate bites with remaining mini eggs, chopped almonds, sugar decorations. Press decorations lightly into chocolate to set.
  8. Place the pan in the refrigerator for 1 1/2 hours or until the chocolate is firm.
  9. Remove from refrigerator and unmold.


* To make it easier to transport the mould to the fridge, place it on a cutting board.

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