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Côte-Nord: 16 good places to eat and drink on a roadtrip

Quebec’s Côte-Nord is not only a region of larger-than-life landscapes, it is also a region that will delight food lovers.

It is true that there are many artisans, chefs and producers who are committed to proudly promote the products of their region.

After 2 stays in this region, a clear observation emerges: they sure know how to prepare and cook seafood as well as products coming from the boreal forest.

Where to eat and drink on a roadtrip to the Côte Nord

Following these trips, here are our favorite spots to eat or grab a drink on the Côte-Nord.

You’ll see, there is something for everyone and all budgets!

Restaurants by cities


Chez Mathilde

If you had only one restaurant to do in your whole summer, it would certainly be Chez Mathilde. A meal in this restaurant will remain one of the highlights of any stay in Tadoussac and on the Côte-Nord.

During our visit, we took the tasting menu with wine and food pairings and what a feast!

We shared 2 tasting menus, one featuring the products of the St-Lawrence and one from the forest, with game.

While taking care to highlight local products, the wines and dishes were in perfect symbiosis. Each dish offered a symphony of flavors, a play between textures and cooking techniques.

Wintergreen, sea buckthorn, Stimpson’s surf clams (and their stems, a rarity since almost all of this product is reserved for export), crab and lobster, freshly picked mushrooms, sea asparagus and other plants from the river, deer, duck heart, halibut cheek, black garlic and sweet clover gelato… we were treated to a culinary journey during the twenty or so dishes that we shared.

Chez Mathilde – 227 des Pionniers Street, Tadoussac

Mathilde Express

Mathilde Express has nothing to do with Chez Mathilde Bistro although the snack bar has the same name and the same owners.

Here, we’re in the take-out business with some outdoor seating.

The burgers, however, are delicious, with lettuce, tomato, French onion, chipotle mayo and bacon, as well as the fries.

Mathilde Express – 232 des Pionniers, Tadoussac

La Galouïne

To taste the boreal flavors and the influences of the native cuisine, you should not miss a stop at La Galouïne, in Tadoussac.

Under the aegis of Chef Martin Brisson, smoked fish, seafood and game find a nice place on the plate.

Note: you can also take home products from Terroir Boréal, to bring a bit of the Côte-Nord home. Spices, herbal teas, berry powder, jams and mushrooms are offered on site.

La Galouïne – 251 des Pionniers, Tadoussac

Microbrewery Tadoussac

The microbrewery and its terrace are a classic stop on any visit to Tadoussac.

You can go for a pale (WH)ale or other beers with local herbs such as cherry, spruce, sea buckthorn or seaweed. Possibility to eat on spot or to take away.

Microbrasserie Tadoussac – 145 du Bord de l’Eau, Tadoussac


Casta Fjord

With a breathtaking view of the fjord and the most beautiful sunsets, the Casta Fjord restaurant and its terrace, when the weather allows it, is very popular in the area.

And food wise, the cuisine is as good as the view. Linguini with Nordic shrimp or salad with duck confit are just a few of the delicious options found on the menu.

Casta Fjord – 340 Chemin de l’Anse-de-Roche, Sacré-Coeur (Reservations recommended : 418.514.8580)

Microbrewery La Chasse-Gardée

Tasting tray - Microbrasserie La Chasse-Gardée
Beer tasting tray

While in Sacré-Coeur, we recommend a stop at the microbrewery La Chasse-Gardée to discover their beers made with local ingredients: northern berries, wild mushrooms or even herbs and wild flowers.

On site, it is possible to order a tasting tray to discover the beers available. We highly recommend the Nebula of the Fields, a tasty northern berry ale.

Upon reservation, you can also visit the microbrewery on Fridays and Saturdays from 3pm. Of course, you can leave with several cans to enjoy by a campfire, while camping or at the cottage.

Microbrasserie La Chasse-Gardée – 64 rue Principale Nord Suite C, Sacré-Cœur

Les Escoumins

Le Kiboikoi

Grilled cheese and sangria at the Café Kiboikoi - Les Escoumins
Grilled cheese and sangria

The café-bar Kiboikoi is the best place in town to have a coffee or a drink on their terrace or to grab a bite with one of their home-made dishes or pastries.

In the evenings, many activities and events are organized, including show nights, quiz nights and karaoke nights.

Kiboikoi – 319 route 138, Les Escoumins

Pêcheries Manicouagan

All your fish and seafood cravings will be satisfied at Pêcheries Manicouagan.

Divided into two sections, the place offers a fish market on one side and a family restaurant on the other. There is also a good selection of local products.

Pêcheries Manicouagan – 152, St-Marcellin Ouest, Les Escoumins


Saint-James, au bar de l’eau

The lobster club at restaurant Saint-James
The crab club is a big favorite.

Offering a view on the marina, the St. James is perfect for a lunch on the go or a seafood feast in the evening.

It serves pasta, pizza, seafood and fish. The Crab Club is not to be missed!

Saint-James, au bar de l’eau – 20, avenue Cartier, Baie-Comeau

Other good addresses :
Microbrasserie St-Pancrace: 55 place LaSalle, Baie-Comeau (Website)
I didn’t stop there to eat, but their excellent beers are definitely worth discovering while in Baie-Comeau.

Bistro La Marée Haute: 8 avenue Cabot, Baie-Comeau(Website)
Adjacent to the Hôtel Le Manoir, the bistro La Marée Haute stands out with its magnificent and immense terrace overlooking the river. It’s the perfect place to have a drink and relax after all that driving or for a 5@7.


Terrasses du Capitaine

Terrasses du Capitaine - exterior of the restaurant - Sept-Iles
The exterior of the restaurant

Near the port of Sept-Iles, this small restaurant offers a family cuisine that puts the products of the sea first.

The menu features classic seafood and fish dishes.

Everything we ate there was excellent, from the scallops to the shrimp soup and the scallops and halibut.

The dishes are fresh, simple and delicious with that “homemade” side that makes the charm of the place.

Scallop - Terrasses du Capitaine - Sept-Iles
The delicious scallop
The perfectly cooked scallops - Terrasses du Capitaine - Sept-Iles
The perfectly cooked scallops

Terrasses du Capitaine – 295 Avenue Arnaud, Sept-Îles

Le bavard et l’ivrogne

Le bavard et l’ivrogne focuses on a gastronomic bistro style cuisine and dishes to share where local products are highlighted. Don’t miss the hot chicken “pas-juste-chicken” (a hot chicken with rabbit among other things!) and if you are a group, ask for the tasting menus!

Le bavard et l’ivrogne – 14 Père Divet, Sept-Îles


The small town of Havre-Saint-Pierre can count itself lucky to be so well served in restaurants.

It’s hard to say which one I preferred between La Promenade and Chez Julie, as the dishes were fresh, tasty and masterfully executed in both places.

As is the case with many restaurants on the Côte-Nord, don’t expect trendy restaurants.

Here, we focus on the content of the plate, in a family and relaxed atmosphere.

La Promenade

Restaurant La Promenade - Havre-Saint-Pierre

This restaurant is located on the promenade, along the river. We chose the fish and seafood plate.

Seafood plate - La Promenade - Havre-Saint-Pierre
This is the portion for 1 person that we shared between the two of us. We are still talking about it because it was so tasty and generous!

Simply incredible! Fish, lobster, shrimp, scallops, sauces, salads and vegetables were all on the plate.

La Promenade – 1197, Promenade des Anciens, Havre-Saint-Pierre

Chez Julie

Chez Julie - Havre-Saint-Pierre

Open since 1977, this family restaurant is an institution. The menu includes fish and seafood platters as well as a seafood pizza whose reputation extends beyond the city.

Another specialty of the place, the chicoutai pie, is a good way to end a meal and to taste this small boreal fruit.

Chez Julie – 1023 rue Dulcinée, Havre-Saint-Pierre


Nathasquan’s restaurant offerings are rather limited, with Le Goût du Large restaurant closing in the fall of 2022. Hopefully, we will see more restaurant projects in the future!

Café-bistro L’Échouerie

The Café bistro l’Échouerie is a must in Natashquan. This cooperative is a café, a bistro and a performance hall.

Located near the Galets site and the beach, this is definitely the place to stop for a drink and a bite to eat.

The menu is creative and changes frequently, and local products have a large place on the menu. Take the opportunity to taste the beer of the local microbrewery La Mouche.

Good to know: the kitchen closes earlier on show nights. Open during the summer season.

Café-bistro L’Échouerie– 55 Allée des Galets, Natashquan

Article originally published in 2018, updated in 2023.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.