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At the heart of Madeira’s historic beauty: my stay at 1905 Zino’s Palace

Madeira is brimming with quintas and historic residences offering unique stays. These properties, true architectural witnesses steeped in history, invite you to immerse yourself in the island’s rich local and cultural heritage.

1905 Zino’s Palace, where I recently had the privilege of staying, perfectly embodies this tradition, symbolizing Madeira’s exceptional heritage.

1905 Zino's Palace by night
Photo: Amazing Evolution

A dive into the heart of this unique island.

Nestled high above Ponta do Sol, like a pink jewel overlooking the city, 1905 Zino’s Palace offers an experience like no other. With its subtle blend of history, luxury and spectacular panoramas, this establishment is an ideal haven in which to recharge your batteries.

Aerial view of 1905 Zino's Palace
Photo: Amazing Evolution

As soon as you step out onto the terrace, you’re treated to a breathtaking view of banana trees and the Atlantic Ocean.

1905 Zino’s palace, from palace to boutique hotel

1905 Zino's Palace

The palace, built in 1905 in Ponta do Sol, charms with its romantic style, a rarity on the island.

It was originally conceived as the summer residence of the noble Zino family. Interestingly, it was one of the family members, Paul Alexander Zino, who named one of the island’s endemic bird species Zino’s Petrel.

Over the years, the palace has been transformed into various schools, welcoming generations of students.

Abandoned in 1976, it was restored by the regional government of Madeira to host events, under the name of Palacete do Lugar de Baixo.

Then in 2020, the Amazing Evolution hotel management group breathed new life into this iconic building, creating a hotel full of character while returning it to its original name, Zino’s Palace.

Elegance, heritage and modernity

One of the rooms at 1905 Zino's Palace
One of the rooms at 1905 Zino’s Palace
Photo: Amazing Evolution

Intimate, the hotel has only 9 rooms, each with its own personality. The mid-century-style interior evokes the charm of an old era, and this blend of modernity and the past lends a warm, familiar atmosphere to the entire premises.

One of the rooms at 1905 Zino's Palace
One of the rooms at 1905 Zino’s Palace
Photo: Amazing Evolution

Some rooms feature ocean views and balconies, and all offer the perfect balance of elegance and modernity.

As soon as I entered our room, I was won over by the soothing pink hue, the cozy bed, the modern bathroom and the small balcony.

One of the rooms at 1905 Zino's Palace
Our room at 1905 Zino’s Palace
Photo: Amazing Evolution

The attention to detail is evident at every turn, from the soft bathrobes to the little touches on arrival such as a traditional cake offered as a treat.

The lobby, furnished with sofas, offers a convivial atmosphere. But it’s the panoramic terrace with its in-ground pool that’s the undeniable star.

Sunset 1905 Zino's Palace
Photo: Amazing Evolution

After a day of sightseeing, there’s nothing like settling down with a book and a glass of wine to enjoy the panoramic view of banana trees stretching out to the ocean.

A culinary journey

The opportunity to dine on site is another highlight of 1905 Zino’s Palace, with elegant afternoon tea, light meals and cocktails available at any time of day.

Breakfasts with fruit and fresh orange juice on the terrace are also excellent.

Breakfast on the terrace 1905 Zino's Palace
Photo: Amazing Evolution

In the evening, a gourmet table takes over. The kitchen is led by Chef Raymond Ruiz, who trained at Academia Gourmet in Caracas (Venezuela) and worked in various establishments including Saccharum in Calheta (Madeira), before joining 1905 Zino’s Palace.

Platter from 1905 Zino's Palace
Fish tartar

The menu features dishes such as salmon croquettes, the island’s typical espada fish with bananas and passion fruit, grilled meats and the chef’s specialties, fish of the day with a citrus butter sauce and fish tartare.

Market fish, butter-lemon sauce
Fish of the day, butter-lemon sauce

Things to do in Ponta do Sol

Located just 20 km from Funchal, Madeira’s capital, and half an hour from the airport, 1905 Zino’s Palace offers a central location ideal for exploring the island while enjoying its serene, picturesque atmosphere.

Activities include trails along the levadas, Madeira’s laurel forest, Seixal’s volcanic beach and Porto Moniz’s natural pools.

With its unique blend of historic charm, modern comforts and breathtaking views, Zino’s Palace promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking to discover the heart and soul of this enchanting island.

1905 Zino’s Palace
Information and bookings

Amazing Evolution and 1905 Zino’s Palace contributed to the cost of the trip. However, the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.


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