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Halloween: 13 kitchen and decoration items for a spooky night

Halloween is less than a month away! Costumes, candies, horror movies, thematic meals… it’s the occasion to reconnect with our inner child and have fun.

Whether you are organizing an evening with friends or a party for the little ones, there is only one rule to follow: let your creativity flow for a thrilling evening and meal!

Halloween table

To get ready for this occasion, we’ve found 13 Halloween-themed items for the table and kitchen to create a spooky atmosphere at home!

But don’t wait too long before ordering to make sure you receive your items on time!

Spider Web Halloween Rectangle Tablecloth
Photo: Lushvida

1. Spider Web Halloween Rectangle Tablecloth

This easy-to-clean polyester tablecloth immediately sets a Halloween and festive mood.

6 Pieces Halloween Pumpkin Napkin Rings
Photo: Psoain

2. 6 Pieces Halloween Pumpkin Napkin Rings

These napkin rings are perfect to bring an upscale touch to a Halloween or Thanksgiving dinner. They are also available all in gold, if you prefer a more versatile option.

8Pcs Halloween Wine Glass Markers Charms
Photo: Gukasxi

3. 8Pcs Halloween Wine Glass Markers Charms

On a related note, these wineglass identification charms will be perfect for any Halloween party.

Halloween Paper Straw
Photo: PaperJoyCA

4. Halloween Paper Straw

Staying on a playful note, these straws with ghosts, pumpkins and bats will enhance the drinks of the youngest and the oldest!

Halloween decorations set
Photo: ForeverOhSoCraftyCo

5. Halloween decorations set

These handmade decoration items will add the final touch to your Halloween decor. Garlands, cake and cupcake decorations, pumpkins and bats confetti, there’s plenty to choose from.

It’s also possible to purchase the complete set or to select only a few items according to your needs.

Ant Toothpicks Aperitif and Dessert Forks
Photo: Ootsr

6. Ant Toothpicks Aperitif and Dessert Forks

We simply love these little spider-shaped forks! They are perfect for decorating a serving plate, a buffet, a cheese board or a dessert board.

They are also versatile as you can use them for dessert bites as well as fruits, vegetables, cheeses or cold cuts.

Pumpkin pattern rolling pin
Photo: Pastrymade

7. Pumpkin pattern rolling pin

With this gorgeous wooden rolling pin, you’ll be able to make dough, cookies and other delicacies beautifully decorated with pumpkins.

Mini waffle maker pumpkin
Photo: Dash

8. Mini waffle maker pumpkin

This mini waffle maker makes pumpkin shaped waffles! Need we say more? Use it for brunch every weekend this fall.

Halloween Cupcake Wrappers and Decorations
Photo: Sumaju

9. Halloween Cupcake Wrappers and Decorations

Your cupcakes will be the star of the table with these Halloween themed boxes and decorations.

Bloody Horror Butcher Apron
Photo: Foetest

10. Bloody Horror Butcher Apron

This bloody apron is perfect to welcome your guests and make them hungry! It can also be used as a Halloween costume.

Haunted House Halloween Beverage Napkins
Photo: Unique

11. Haunted House Halloween Napkins

Of course, don’t forget the napkins. These very colorful haunted house Halloween napkins will add a spooky touch atthe table or the buffet.

Halloween Kabob
Photo: Allison’s Fine Foods

12. Halloween Kabob

These cute Halloween candy skewers are a nice treat to place at the table for each guest or to give as a prize in a costume contest!

120 pcs Fall and Halloween decorations
Photo: Seacan

13. 120 pcs fall and Halloween decorations

This set of 120 fall decorations, ranging from artificial pumpkins to maple leaves, pine cones and acorns, will be perfect for creating a great automn and Halloween atmosphere at home.

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