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7 wines and drinks to end the vacations on a festive note

Although we are already starting to think about the end of the vacations, there are still several beautiful sunny weeks of summer to come.

To enjoy these moments, here are 7 wines, cocktail and beer to discover.

1. Source of Joy

Rosé Source of Joy

We love Gérard Bertrand’s wines and now his Source of Joy organic rosé is available at the SAQ.

This is a crisp and refreshing rosé, with a nice roundness to it, that seduces with its notes of strawberries and cherries.

It is perfect as an aperitif or served with dishes such as ceviche, salmon tartar or grilled fish.

Sold at SAQ, 29$.

2. Vincent Carême Vouvray Spring

Vouvray Spring

This Vouvray, 100% chenin blanc, is always a favorite. It is an aromatic white wine without heaviness, with notes of tropical fruits, apples, pears and citrus.

With a nice acidity and a touch of minerality, it is perfect to accompany seafood dishes, oysters, lobster or sushi.

Although its name is a nice reminder of Spring, it can be enjoyed all year round.

Sold at SAQ, 19,95$

3. Ruffino Lumina Delle Venezie

Ruffino Pinot Grigio

This pinot grigio is fresh and delicate with a nice acidity. Versatile, with floral and white peach notes, it’s also a great value, under $15.

Serve chilled with antipasti and salads.

Sold at SAQ, 14,95$.

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4. Alchimia Limonada

Slush Limonada

A lemonade and vodka slush? That’s a big yes! I don’t need to tell you that it’s refreshing as well as delicious.

It’s not too sweet and tastes great! Simply freeze the bag between 4 and 8 hours and then drink the Limonada from the bag or pour it into a glass.

Sold at SAQ, 15.20$

5. Kir Royal from Domaine Lafrance

Kir Royal Domaine Lafrance

In the ready-to-drink category, we couldn’t pass up the very refreshing new product from Domaine Lafrance, the Kir Royal lemon sparkling cocktail.

Made from their limoncello, it’s thirst quenching with a nice lemony taste. We love it on a hot summer day or at the aperitif.

Sold at SAQ, 15,20$.

6. Sam Adams Wicked Easy beer

Sam Adams Wicked Easy beer

You probably know Sam Adams Brewery? Very popular in the United States, it launched its Wicked Easy beer in Canada at the beginning of the summer.

As its name suggests, this is a very easy-drinking beer, with notes of citrus and tropical fruits and a clean finish without bitterness.

Interestingly, it is a hybrid of two different beers (Hazy and Helles) that are then combined to ferment together.

Available in grocery stores and convenience stores.

7. Gin and tonic 0 alcohol Jardin Verde

Gin and tonic Jardin Verde

Let’s finish this list with a new non-alcoholic gin and tonic Zero Jardin Verde. It really hits the spot in terms of taste, with notes of cucumber and basil.

The drink is also vegan and gluten-free, with 80 calories per serving.

Sold at SAQ, 9,80$


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.