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7 spirits to offer as gifts or to stock your home bar

Spirits always make great gifts.

Gin, rum, cognac, liqueurs, vodka… everyone has a preference and as new products are created year after year, there are always new ones to be had.

From limited editions to Quebec-made gems or to more upscale vintages, there is a spirit for every taste and budget.

Home bar and cocktails
Photo: Unsplash

In anticipation of the holidays, to restock your home bar, make your favorite cocktails or give as gifts, here are 7 suggestions of spirits to discover.

Idola Cinnamon Mint Cream – Les Subversifs

Idola Crème de menthe
Photo: SAQ

Who would have thought it would be possible to reinvent crème de menthe so many times? After the white, green, blue and pink mint creams, let’s make way for a red one, flavored with cinnamon from Les Subversifs!

This time, they pay tribute to Idola Saint-Jean, one of Quebec’s leading feminist figures. She is known for her fight for the right to vote and for the financial autonomy of Quebec women.

In the glass, you’ll note aromas of cinnamon candy and mint, with a spicy finish. It’s definitely a success here!

To be enjoyed on ice or, for Fireball lovers, in a shooter! Available at the SAQ.

Grand Marnier Louis-Alexandre

Cognac Grand Marnier
Photo: SAQ

The Grand Marnier is one of those spirits that you will find in every bar. It’s indeed hard to resist this cognac and orange liqueur, which is also an excellent choice for making several cocktails.

To spoil the Grand Marnier lover, offer him the Louis-Alexandre vintage. Less sweet than the Cordon Rouge edition, this cognac and orange liqueur is round and velvety, with a greater complexity of flavors and a nice finish.

This cognac can be enjoyed quietly by the fire or in the evening. A great favorite. Available at the SAQ.

Quartier Lafrance – Domaine Lafrance

Quartier Lafrance
Photo: SAQ

Speaking of orange liqueur, Quebec can now boast its own orange liqueur, courtesy of Domaine Lafrance.

Made from apple brandy and aged in oak barrels, this orange liqueur has a beautiful complexity of aromas with notes of apple, caramel and orange zest.

The result is a fine and enveloping digestif, which will warm you up this winter.

Drink it on the rocks, in a cocktail or with a slice of orange and chocolate yule log! Available at the SAQ.

The Saint-Crème – Distillerie Mariana

Photo: SAQ

When a digestif meets a dessert, the result is the delicious Saint-Crème from Mariana Distillery. It’s a creamy alcoholic drink with flavors reminiscent of the creamy sugar your grandmother used to make!

On the rocks, in a coffee, poured over ice cream, you’ll quickly see why it won the Double Gold Medal at the New York Wine & Spirits Competition in the fall 2022. Available at the SAQ.

Spiced rum Distillerie 3 Lacs

Spiced Rum 3 Lacs
Photo: SAQ

This spiced rum from Distillerie 3 Lacs will bring an exotic touch to cocktails during the holidays.

With a touch of vanilla and subtle notes of oranges and spices, this rum will quickly become a favorite. And true to the habits of the Distillery, the visual of the bottle is magnificent. Available at the SAQ

Gin Canada 72 Century Series – Noroi Distillery

Gin Canada 72
Photo: SAQ

It was with 34 seconds left in the game that Team Canada won on September 28, 1972. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this historic sporting moment, the Noroi distillery developed Canada ’72 Century Series Gin.

This well-balanced gin, with notes of juniper berries and citrus peel, is sure to please field hockey fans. Three different visuals are available for collection. Available for a limited time in SAQ.

Fou Gin

Fou Gin
Photo: SAQ

Also for gin lovers, Fou is the result of two years of testing, distillation and blending. And the wait will have been worth it!

With a base of several Quebec aromas, such as chrysanthemum hops, balsam myrtle and chamomile, it is mostly cucumber that dominates the mouth, followed by notes of lemon and of course juniper berries, giving it a lot of freshness. Available at the SAQ.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.