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Sentier des cimes Laurentides: a different view of the forest

With its many lakes and forests, small villages, mountains and valleys, the Laurentian region is sure to charm any outdoor enthusiasts.

And there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy this natural beauty during the summer months: kayaking, hiking, swimming, cycling… there’s something for everyone.

The Sentier des cimes seen from the panoramic tower
The Sentier des cimes seen from the panoramic tower

And now, since the opening of the Sentier des cimes Laurentides, there’s a new way to enjoy the outdoors.

A treetop walk

Le sentier des cimes

Open since July 2022, the Sentier des cimes Laurentides is, as its name suggests, a treetop trail!

Made of wood, it is 2.7 km long round trip and ends with the ascent of a spectacular 40-metre-high wooden tower.

The German firm EAK, in collaboration with teams in Quebec, is behind the design and ideation of this project. EAK, which focuses primarily on the design, construction and operation of treetop walks with observation towers, opened its first treetop walk in 2009.

The Sentier des cimes is the 13th treetop walk designed by the company.

The panoramic tower

As well as being unusual, this aerial walk offers a different perspective on the surrounding forest.

These few kilometers will allow you to admire the landscape just like the birds must!

Along the way, you’ll find explanatory panels on the vegetation and fauna that surrounds you, as well as a number of stations where you can “test” your fear of heights or allow the little ones to acclimatize to them, by walking on wooden blocks surrounded by fences letting you to see the ground under your feet.

The panoramic tower

Sentier des cimes

While the walk along the suspended path is a great attraction, it is the panoramic view from the top of the tower that is the highlight of this activity.

At the top of the tower, at 40 metres or the equivalent of 12 storeys, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the Laurentian mountain range and Mont-Tremblant. Beautiful!

The suspended net
The net hanging in the center of the tower

And apart from the view, another attraction at the top is a huge net suspended in the center, on which you can walk, sit and face your fear of heights.

An accessible trail

The beginning of the trail, accessible by stairs or elevator
The beginning of the trail, accessible by stairs or elevator
The Sentier des cimes is quite large

Although we’re talking about a 40-meter-high tower and a treetop path, it’s still accessible to wheelchair users, people with reduced mobility or families with strollers.

The first ascent can be made via stairs or an elevator. Thereafter, the rest of the trail has a 6% gradient, making it enjoyable to hike without excessive effort.

And because it’s so wide (8 feet), it’s easy to stand on it even if you have a slight fear of heights.

As for the tower, although it climbs gently, flat levels have been provided to give people a short break.

Other things to do on site

Sentier des cimes Laurentides restaurant, reception and boutique
Sentier des cimes Laurentides restaurant, reception and boutique

Once you’ve completed the trail, you can extend your visit on the site.

Other hiking trails (this time at ground level) are also accessible.

The Gourmet Sauvage boutique, specializing in the processing of foraged produce, is also located next door, and is a great gourmet stop to make.

You’ll find pickled daisy buds, wild mushrooms, fir-tree or salicorne mustards and other local delicacies.

The company also features other Quebec producers such as Chasse-Marée and its canned whelks, several Quebec beers, Miettes potato chips and Acylon Magdalen salts.

Grilled cheese and terrace at Restaurant Chez Émile

There’s also a small cafeteria-style restaurant on site, Chez Émile, offering wraps, salads, grilled-cheese and nachos. Perfect for a quick lunch on the terrace or indoors.

The opening of a small museum in the Caretaker’s House is also planned in a near future.

Sentier des cimes Laurentides

Practical info:

The Sentier des cimes is accessible all year round, in all seasons. It’s a great activity to do in autumn (for the colors), in winter or during the change of season, when the hiking trails are still icy or soaking wet.

Allow around 1h30 to complete the trail, taking your time.

Various ticket packages are available. One of the most advantageous, if you intend to go a few times, is the annual pass.

This article was written as part of a paid partnership with Tourisme Laurentides. However, the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.


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