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Gourmet tour in the Lower Laurentians to enjoy the fall

While the leaves of the trees are adorning themselves with their most beautiful colors, the sun and the mild temperatures are still present.

And with the abundance of crops, fruits and vegetables, fall is the perfect season for a gourmet trip!

Gourmet trip in the  Lower Laurentians

And when it comes to a gourmet getaway, the Lower Laurentians region is particularly well-suited for this type of day trip, as the many stops are all located close to each other.

Map of the stops - Lower Laurentians

Here are our suggestions of places to visit during a gourmet trip in the Lower Laurentians this fall!

À la Croisée des pommes

Croisée des Pommes

At La Croisée des pommes, we pick our own organic apples until the end of October, as well as plums and grapes a little earlier in the season.

And beyond the organic culture, the owners decided to go a little further by having the concern to reduce waste to the maximum.

Thus, customers are encouraged to put less attractive picked or fallen apples in plastic bins at the base of the trees, which are then processed.

And good initiative, you can bring your own reusable bags for picking.

Apple donuts from À La Croisée des Pommes

You should also stock up on products at the boutique, including the succulent and very moist apple donuts.

Cidrerie Lacroix

Cidrerie Lacroix

The Lacroix cider house has been part of the landscape for many years, but the place got a facelift in 2020 with a new space that houses a restaurant and store.

You can still pick your own apples and you should not hesitate to stop in the bright dining room of the cider house.

You can have a bite to eat and taste the ciders before stocking up at the store.

Restaurant Cidrerie Lacroix
Photo: Cidrerie Lacroix
Cider tasting
Cider tasting

Want another reason to stop by? Limited edition or seasonal ciders are often available that you can’t taste anywhere else!


Opening of a hive during the guided tour at Intermiel
Opening of a hive during the guided tour at Intermiel

Intermiel is a place to be on every itinerary to learn more about the world of beekeeping and honey.

The guided tours (check the website for the schedule) are very interesting and include the opening of a beehive, the presentation of the products of the hive, the tasting of the gourmet products as well as a tasting of their spirits.

The honeys are excellent and it will be difficult for you to resist the chocolate and honey ganache, the creamy honey or their mead.

Some of the spirits that can be tasted at Intermiel
Some of the spirits that can be tasted at Intermiel
Intermiel Honey Flavored Gin
Intermiel Honey Flavored Gin

They also recently began producing a honey flavored gin as well as apple, honey and maple brandies.

Centre d’interprétation de la courge

Pumpkins and squash at Centre d'interprétation de la courge

Until mid-October, don’t miss a stop at the Centre d’Interprétation de la courge in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac.

You can get squash, of course, and you can stop by their brand new buvette where you can taste delicious dishes paired with the wines from their winery Les Vents d’Ange.

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Domaine Lafrance

The Dandy Gin - Domaine Lafrance
The Dandy Gin, flavored with apple blossom

Until the end of October, it is possible to pick your own apples at Domaine Lafrance.

Don’t hesitate to stop by for a bite at the bistro or to buy some of their excellent products in the boutique.

Don’t miss: Limoncello, Dandy gin flavored with apple blossoms, Rouge Gorge apple vermouth or the recently released Quartier Lafrance, an orange liqueur made with apple brandy.

Vignoble Rivière du Chêne

Vignoble Rivière du Chêne
Photo: Vignoble Rivière du Chêne

For wine lovers, the Vignoble Rivière-du-Chêne is the place to be!

While admiring the vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see (making us forget that we are in St-Eustache), we take the opportunity to taste their wines or enjoy a meal at Bistro RDC.

Of course, there are many other stops to make in the region. To learn more about the other attractions in the Lower Laurentians, visit the Tourisme Basses-Laurentides website


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