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Europea Espace Boutique

Update 2024: This store is permanently closed.

Although the offer has improved, it’s still hard to find an affordable, healthy lunch spot in the area around Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal.

But among the tourist stands, fast-food restaurants and trendier (read overpriced) ones, there’s Europea Espace Boutique, on Rue Notre-Dame.

With limited seating (the emphasis here is on take out), this space offers boxed lunches at a more than reasonable price.

Lunch boxes

It’s a lunchtime deal that includes a gourmet sandwich (or salad), a side salad or dessert and a drink, all delivered in a cute reusable bag with the Europea logo.

True to Europea’s reputation, the quality and freshness of the ingredients and the finesse of the flavors are the order of the day.

The selection of sandwiches is varied:

  • grain-fed chicken and roasted peppers,
  • tuna,
  • beef and goat (a delight according to other tasters),
  • brie ham and cranberries, etc.

I tried the proscuitto and Swiss cheese burger and the lamb sandwich. Both were tasty.

While the burger was delicately garnished with arugula leaves, thin slices of prosciutto (not too salty) and Swiss cheese, the meat of the lamb sandwich was deliciously marinated and melted in the mouth.

And what about the desserts! I was tempted by the chocolate mousse verrine… Creamy, simply decadent and… surprise, a mouthful of chocolate and raspberry was hidden inside.

The other desserts are not to be outdone: the paris-brest is also very good, as are the tarts and macaroons.

Pro tips

Arrive early at lunchtime to avoid queuing and get a better selection of sandwiches.

And the price?

Really reasonable for quality and quantity. Around $13 taxes included for a beverage, sandwich and dessert.


33 Notre-Dame Street West
Tel.: 514 844-1572


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