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10 Useful And Eco-friendly Essentials For Zero Waste Lunches

There is no surprise here, with Fall comes the return of lunches, whether in the office or in the classroom.

But this year, after all these months that we spent home, it’s a little special! And you may need (or want!) to replenish your stock of lunch boxes and other reusable accessories a bit.

For a stylish and eco-friendly back to school (or work), here are 10 lunch accessories to get.

In addition to being useful, they are also beautiful and will allow you to have zero waste lunches!

10 useful and eco-friendly essentials for zero waste lunches

1. Zipper Lunch Bag “Lunch” grey / yellow

Sac à lunch Lunch
Photo: Fluf

This lunch bag is way too cute. Neither too big nor too small, it can accommodate a bottle of water and a lunch in style!

Sold at Indigo

2. Cotton lunch doily – Striped

Napperon en tissu

Rather than eating on your desk, on the dirty cafeteria table or on paper towels, opt for this pretty fabric placemat and easily washable.

As a bonus, it contains a zippered pocket to insert your utensils as well as cords to roll up and tie your doily so that it takes up less space in your bag.

Sold on Etsy

3. Bento box

Boîtes Bento
Photo: Ozazuco

Bento boxes are so popular and there’s a lot of reason why! They are not only stylish but also soooo practical. You can bring a complete meal in a container without the food mixing.

This slick and modern model is made from organic wheat straw, so it’s safe both for human and nature, and comes with utensils and three trays, one of which is removable for heating food in the microwave. Bonus, it’s also dishwasher safe.

Sold on Amazon

4. 3 Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags

Sacs réutilisable pour les lunchs
Photo: Vouska

Let’s get rid, once and for all, of disposable bags to bring snacks, vegetables and sandwiches. Instead, let’s opt for these leak-proof, waterproof and easy to clean reusable bags (they’re dishwater safe). And more seriously, who can resist unicorns lunch bags ?

Sold on Amazon

5. Set of 6 Reusable PEVA Bags

Photo: Linen Chest

Another option is this set of reusable bags. It stores snacks for lunches or excess food in the fridge. We also like their low price!

Sold at Linen Chest

6. Flexible and reusable icepacks

blocs réfrigérants réutilisables
Photo: Kinsho

Enough with the huge plastic ice packs that take up all the space in the lunch box!

Unlike the usual icepacks, these are flexible, so they can bend and shape according to the available space. Made with a fabric exterior, they also minimize humidity inside our lunches.

Sold on Amazon

7. Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap Large Set of 2

Film réutilisable en cire d'abeille
Photo: Abeego

Let’s swap plastic wrap for beeswax food wrap. Not only are they reusable but they also protects food and lets it breathe. Your food stays fresh for longer. 

Sold at Indigo

8. Rice Straw

Photo: EcoSmart Supply & Co

I don’t know about you, but I hate cardboard straws (it gets soft and soggy too quickly). I’m also not a big fan of reusable plastic or metal straws. If you feel the same, you’re absolutely going to LOVE these biodegradable rice straws.

Made with rice flour and tapioca starch, you could almost eat them (it’s actually edible). And fear not, we have tested them, these straws do not add flavor to beverages and keep their shape for a very long time without melting.

Bonus, use this promo code to get a 15% discount on the EcoSmart Supply website: MARIENOEL

Sold on EcoSmart Supply website

9. Thermos Stainless Steel Food Jar with Spoon, 16-oz

Photo: Thermos

We don’t always have easy access to a microwave to heat our meals, whether it’s due to a lack of appliances or long queues. But if you still want to eat a warm meal, like a soup, pasta or a stew, a thermos is super handy.

Sold at Canadian Tire

10. S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Photo: S’well

In my opinion, stainless steel water bottles are a must! They keep drinks cold for several hours, even in direct sunlight, and hot drinks … hot! I also prefer to avoid plastic bottles, which end up giving a taste of plastic to the drinks they contain.

Sold on Amazon

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