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Le Quai des Glaces: an ice cream gem to discover in Lachine and Saint-Bruno

In recent years, many new creameries have opened in Montreal and the surrounding area.

Among these, some stand out from the crowd and this is the case of the Quai des Glaces, which opened in Lachine in 2015.

As soon as it opened, it quickly became a favorite among residents and those who frequent the area.

And good news, Quai des Glaces just opened a second store,at the Marché des Promenades in Saint-Bruno de Montarville.

Gelatos, ice creams and sorbets

Lemon and mango sorbets at Quai des Glaces
Duo of lemon-basil and mango sorbets

Le Quai des Glaces is the project of Mario Gauthier and Sophie Lepage, which became a reality when they found the perfect place to open their ice cream shop.

The marine theme was naturally chosen for the Quai des Glaces, as the business is located along the bicycle path that runs alongside René-Lévesque Park, with a view of Lake St-Louis.

The Captain of the Quai des Glaces behind the counter at the Marché des Promenades in St-Bruno
Captain Mario Gauthier behind the counter of the Quai des Glaces at the Promenades Saint-Bruno Market

And at the bar of the ship, it is the captain Mario Gauthier who creates with his team the gelatos, sorbets and other desserts of the Quai des Glaces.

This is a second career for this musician who embarked on the adventure of making artisanal ice cream after training at the North Carolina campus of Carpigiani Gelato University.

On its menu, the Quai des glaces offers gelatos, sorbets, vegan ice creams but also house creations such as the excellent Key Lime ice cream pie.

Key Lime Pie from Quai des Glaces
The Key Lime ice cream pie, a dessert that is always a hit
Photo: Courtesy Quai des Glaces

As for the ice creams, you can find the classics on the menu, such as chocolate, vanilla or hazelnut, as well as more surprising combinations: avocado-basil, lychee-coconut-raspberry, rum-raisin or even pineapple-mint. But don’t be scared, these flavours are always delicious.

The Captain’s creativity does not stop with the flavors of gelatos and sorbets, as there are also a number of frozen desserts that enhance the menu: frozen pies, ice cream Christmas logs during the holiday season and new mocktail floats, where juices are replaced by homemade sorbets.

As you can see, the artist is never far away.

Top quality ingredients

Pan of gelato speculos
Gelato Speculoos – Belgian cookie

As for the choice of ingredients, no compromise is made on quality. The Quai des Glaces team uses real fruit or fruit puree, Belgian chocolate for the cone coatings, fresh herbs to flavor the desserts, etc.

Even the ingredients that go into the ice cream are homemade, like salted caramel, vegan brownies or waffle cones.

You will have guessed it, we are completely under the charm of the frozen desserts of the Quai des Glaces.

We also love the jars of gelatos and sorbets, as well as the frozen desserts, that you can bring back home!

Tangerine-yuzu sorbet and jars of gelato from Quai des Glaces
Tangerine-yuzu sorbet and jars of gelato from Quai des Glaces

Quai des Glaces

Two great addresses where both young and old will find their happiness.

Lachine: 2138 Saint-Joseph Boulevard, Lachine, H8S 0A9
CF Marché des Promenades: 1, boul. Des Promenades, Saint-Bruno J3V 5K3


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