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ITHQ workshops: cooking like a chef!

There’s a wide range of cooking workshops to suit the needs and desires of almost any culinary enthusiast. But what could be better than to take one at the ITHQ, the Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec, whose reputation and renown are second to none?

Especially in 2018, as part of ITHQ’s 50th anniversary, the schedule of cooking workshops has been expanded. Hosted by renowned chefs and sommeliers, the program covers a wide range of topics: bubbles and oysters, cuisine from the South of France, Spanish wines and tapas, and more.

How does a cooking workshop work?

Apéro Gourmand - ITHQ culinary workshop

Depending on the formula chosen, demonstrations or hands-on workshops are available. We cook, we taste and we leave with the recipes. These workshops also include food and wine.

What makes these workshops unique is their intimate nature, where you can ask questions to experienced chefs and see them at work.

Curious to see what one of these workshops looks like?
I attended the Apéro gourmand by the Ferrandi gastronomy school in Paris during the Montreal High Lights Festival. Chef Christophe Haton, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and teacher at this renowned school, gave the demonstration, accompanied by two assistants.

In a convivial atmosphere, seated in the ITHQ’s culinary demonstration room, the chef presented three recipes, which we were then able to taste. Although it was a masters presentation, it was very interactive.

The chef gave us advice on how to shell seafood, make sauces, usesquid ink to make jagged tiles (and it’s easy too!), and make cromesquis, all the while answering our questions and punctuating everything with jokes.

Chef Christophe Haton, from the Ferrandi gastronomy school in Paris, explains how to shell the hoard.
During the workshop, the chef showed us how to prepare lobsters and shell the raw tail. For example, did you know that it’s best to poach the tail for a few seconds in a broth before removing the shell?

I may not make all the recipes again, but I learned a lot of good tips. And I especially liked that the chef made his recipes accessible.

Each plate was accompanied by a wine, chosen and presented by sommelier Nathalie Bergeron.

Lobster roasted with herbs, red beets and citrus fruits at the Apéro Goumand at the ITHQ
Lobster roasted with herbs, beet and citrus fruit. Excellent and easy to do again!
Lobster ravioli with fragrant broth
Squid ink ravioli, stuffed with lobster, and fragrant broth

The entire team: chef Christophe Haton, his assistants and sommelier Nathalie Bergeron, who made sure we had a great time!

The complete program of Ateliers Accords vins et mets is available at Workshop prices range from $100 to $200.
I attended this workshop as a member of the media.


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